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Garderie les oiseaux aux paradis

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Garderie chez-ailes

Boutique pour perroquets

Boutique La Volière
Boutique mich aile
Boutique Chez ailes
Boutique monde exotic land
Boutique les jouets Rosie
Bird Toy Catalo g
Birds Just Wanna Have Fun
Exotic wings.  (CANADIAN)
Birdy Boredom Busters MB, (CANADIAN) 
Busy Beaks
Cheep Parrot Toys  
Parrotdise Perch, in Calgary, AB  (CANADIAN)


  Oisellerie PLB
  Oisellerie avibobek
  Oisellerie Good bird
  Oisellerie papugi
  Oisellerie Hari
  Oisellerie aux oiseaux
  Oisellerie Plume de ville


Lexicon of Parrots


Lexicon of Parrots Site professionnel sur les perroquets, avec beaucoup d'informations sur les espéces.

Articles sur le Perroquet

Avian Links

Bird Talk

Bird Directory
Your one-stop destination for anything you can think about Bird. This Bird Directory designed to help its users find the Bird information, source, companies, products and services. 

Bird Mag Dot Com - Online bird magazine with lots of articles.

Bird Webs - A Valuable Bird Directory and Information Resource.

Birds n' Ways Articles

Do You Really Want a Parrot?

Companion Parrot

Free e-book

How To Understand, Care For, Live Happily with Birds, by T.J. Lafeber, DVM

Nurturing Guidance


Parrot Chronicles (on-line magazine)

Parrot Science

Parrot Talk

Parrots. The #1 Online Source For Everything About Parrots.

Winged Wisdom  Bird Breeding Software


Intelligence aviaire

Alex Foundation.  Studies in avian brain function and intelligence by Dr. Pepperberg
Bother the Birds, Parrot Enrichment Ideas/Toys
Liz Wilson, CVT.  Parrot Behavior Consultant
Nurturing Guidance

Colloque Aviaire

Colloque Aviaire



  Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada
  Bird Theft Organization
  List of Canadian Parrot Breeders (CANADIAN)
  Parrot Association of Canada
  The Association of Avian Veterinarians, listing of Avian Veterinarians.
  PIJAC Canada



  Claudia Moss Gallery
  Critters on Canvas

Paintings by Franciscus 


Idée de nom pour vos oiseaux

Bird Names
Bird Bytes Bird Names
Pet Bird Names
New Pet
Name Meanings 


Boutique de cages

Cages Jovaco


Parrot life magazine
Magazine Animal
Good Bird Magazine



Information sur la santé

Air Purifiers
Aspergillosis, Part 1 and Aspergillosis, Part 2.
Animal Poison Control:  Toll free: 1-800-548- or 1-888-426-4435
Avian Alerts
Avian First Aid
Avian Blood Panel Interpretation
Bird Guy
Bird Health by Dr. Rob Marshall
Bird Safety
Complete Blood Count
Disease Links Page
Do your own search on nutritional ingredients in food
Emergency Preparedness
Exotic Pet Vet
Feather Picking - The Sock Buddy
For the Birds
Health Hazards of GMO Foods
Holistic Bird
How to Manage Feather Picking
Household Products Database  A list of chemicals in household products
Hazards & Care of Your Bird
Naturally Healthy Pet by Alicia McWatters
Nutrition Data
Old World Aviaries, articles
Pesticides in Foods
Practical Emergency/Critical Care of Pet Birds
Preventing Window Strikes
Stop PDD
Truth About E.Coli
Well Vet
West Nile & Your Parrot


Avian Basics, (CANADIAN).  MB.  They sell Fanta-seeds, Crazy corn, Shred-able toys, Dr. Harvey's Naturals, Harrison's, Roudybush, TOP Pellets, Organic Sprout mix, POOP OFF, etc.
Birdi effects AB.  (CANADIAN)  Organics.
China Prairie Sprouting Mixes
Dr. Harvey's Avian Line
Eclectus Seed Mix or Volkman's Seed Mix: 800-635-9359
Fanta-Seeds: 813-854-2214
Foundation Formula Pellets
Guide to Sprouting
Harrison's Bird Food
Healthy Bird (CANADIAN)
Just for Birds (CANADIAN)  B.C.
Lake's Unlimited, Inc.: 800-634-2473 
Organic Bird Food, Inc.
Parrotdise Perch  (CANADIAN)  AB.
Scenic Pellets
Sprout People
Volkman's Pellets
ZuPreem Natural Pellets

Recettes à perroquets

Avian Cuisine
Birds n' Ways
Healthy Parrot Recipes
Jolley Feathers
Just Parrots
Land of Vos
Non-Toxic Cleaner Recipes
Parrot Recipes
Parrot Talk Recipes
Ruby's Mush, a recipe
Bother the Bird


Animal Behavior Management Alliance
Animal Training & Consulting Services
An Animal Trainers Intro to Operant & Classical Conditioning
Behavior Logic
Bird Tricks
Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
Clicking With Birds with Linda Morrow
Expert Village: How to Train a Parrot
Good Bird Inc
Info Source for Flighted Bird
International Association of Avian Trainers &  Educators
Living & Learning with Parrots
Natural Encounters
Operant Conditioning Workshop - Barbara Heidenriech
Operant Conditioning Workshop - Bob Bailey
Parrot Behaviour Analysis Survey (PBAS)
People Helping Parrots
Practice the Timing of your Bridges
Raising Canine
Sally Blanchard
Teaching Your Bird to Talk (book)
Training Telecourses
Training Your Parrot the Alex Way (video)
Winged Wisdom
Writings of Susan Friedman, PhD

On-Line Discussion Groups:

General Training with Positive Reinforcement
Clicker Training
Feather Picking
Step by Step Resolution of Behavior Problems

Parrot Training Supplies

Animal Management Resources
Animal Training Software

Trick Training

Tani Robar
Over fifty easy parrot tricks illustrated -- FUN
Training tips
Trick Training
E-mail list of bird clicker-trainers
Beginning clicker training for parrots!
Parrots & Props




Au Paradis des Canaris Site très intéressant sur les canaris.
Publications Aviaire Pour tout achats de publications sur les oiseaux exotiques.

Animaux Exotiques Très beau site avec beaucoup d'informations sur les oiseaux, lézards, serpents.

É Ce site a pour but de vous aider à trouver les meilleurs éleveurs dans différents pays tel le Canada, la France et les États Unis.
naturalbird For A Naturally Healthy Pet.
parrotpages The best Pet Bird owner is an informed owner.